Richard Jenkins in Ecotricity Greenbird setting new world speed record, Ivanpah, California, March 2009


About The Greenbird

Two vehicles - for land and ice - powered only by wind.

The Greenbird is two vehicles: a land craft and an ice craft, powered only by the wind. The project's aim is to break both the land and ice world speed records.

On March 26, 2009, the Ecotricity Greenbird set a new world land speed record for wind powered vehicles of 126.2 mph. The team hopes to both better that new record, and continue to work toward breaking the ice record in Winter 2009/10.

The project is a partnership between Ecotricity (UK’s first & largest independent green electricity company), and engineer Richard Jenkins (founder of the Windjet Project). The team is all British, independent, visionary, passionate and utterly committed to envisioning a zero carbon transportation future. (More about the team.)

Greenbird Dusk

Familiar principles with futuristic vision

The crafts are elegant, sophisticated and futuristic - but are based on familiar aeronautical, sailing and wind technology principles. They use solid sails, much like an aircraft wing.

The crafts' design achieves staggering efficiency. It enables the land craft to travel at between 3 & 5 times the real wind speed, depending on the surface traction.

More on the craft & how it works.

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