Richard Jenkins being congratulated after setting new world record for wind powered land vehicle, Ivanpah California



Not only has our land craft broken the world record, but our work on Greenbird has been recognised internationally in nominations for a series of prestigious awards.

Brit Insurance Transport Award 2009

A nightview of the Greenbird.









The Greenbird crafts are elegant, sophisticated and futuristic - but are based on familiar aeronautical, sailing and wind technology principles, helping to envision a zero carbon transportation future.  Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2009 Nomination

Conde Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Awards 2009

A bird's eye view of the Greenbird.









The Greenbird is part-aeroplane, part-sailboat, part-Formula 1 car and the fastest wind-powered vehicle on Earth, and was nominated for the sustainablity category.



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