The Greenbird ice craft assembled on Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana USA, January 2009.


Ice record challenge

One record down, one to go

Not content with their current accolade of driving the world’s fastest wind-powered land vehicle into the record books, the Greenbird team, are determined to crack another one: the world record for the fastest wind powered craft on ice.

The fastest accurately (GPS) recorded speed for a wind-powered ice craft is 84 mph which was broken on Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania in a skeeter, a type of ice boat. The Greenbird’s designers are confident that their craft, which has taken them over six years to perfect, can not only exceed this record but may even break the record set by their land craft in March this year.

The Greenbird team is preparing for ice practice runs now at Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana, USA - to be followed by a run at the world record when ice & wind conditions come together for a world record attempt.

Our past practice runs, combined with our latest ice craft are giving us great confidence for the rest of this season yielding a new world record!

More on:
- the craft
- the location,

And on the Windjet site, more on:
- the sport of land sailing
- ice record history & competitors.


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