The Greenbird ice craft assembled on Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana USA, January 2009.


The Greenbird ice craft

Evolution from land to ice

The Greenbird ice craft is based on the Windjet ice craft, which itself evolved from Windjet MkII land craft.

Windjet MkII land craft

It has the fuselage and wing from MkII, but a different main beam. The beam between the rear skates is new, and manufactured from many layers of aircraft grade spruce, laminated together and wrapped in a glass fibre composite skin.

This is to increase suspension and flex. On land, the tyres of the Windjet MkII gave adequate suspension and a smooth ride, but when in ice mode, the metal skates provided no shock absorption. The old carbon beam was totally rigid and made driving the vehicle impossible. We also fitted a new nose and of course, changed the wheels to skates.

The Greenbird ice craft was completed in January 2008 in Reno, Nevada USA. It was then moved to Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Montana USA.

Greenbird ice craft

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