Richard Jenkins & team celebrating the new world record of 126.2 mph for wind powered land vehicle


Land record challenge

Record set at Ivanpah in time for the 2009 America's cup landsailing regatta

As land yacht pilots from all over the world gathered for this renowned land sailing event, the Greenbird team went for another land speed world record attempt – AND SMASHED IT!! This is where the record of 116 mph was set ten years ago, and on March 26, 2009, British engineer and land yacht sailor Richard Jenkins recorded a speed of 126.2 mph.

The surface at Ivanpah Dry Lake in California, 40 miles south of Las Vegas, and the winds came together to produce ideal conditions. We've travelled to many different locations in search of this record, but at last, we found the perfect weather we needed in this unique and world record breaking location.

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