Richard Jenkins being congratulated after setting new world record for wind powered land vehicle, Ivanpah California


The craft

Latest in wind-powered land craft evolution

The Greenbird land craft which smashed the world record on March 26, 2009 is based originally on the Windjet Mk IV. The MK IV had its first run on Lake Lefroy, Western Australia in September 2007.


The 2008 Greenbird craft incorporated key modifications resulting from test runs of Windjet Mk IV in 2007. The Windjet MK IV had clocked 90mph in 20-25 mph winds, a great preparation for the March world record achievement of 126.2 mph.


The entire vehicle is made from carbon fibre composite, similar to that used in Formula One or the aerospace industry. The only metalwork on the vehicle is the main wing bearings and the wheel units.


Modifications for 2008 record run

The 2008 Greenbird craft key modifications included:

  • main tail redesign to control power and acceleration more accurately,
  • rear of craft redesign to put more load onto the rear tyre,
  • Moving steering position from rear cockpit to front cockpit to get better visibility of the track,
  • shorter, stiffer outrigger which will rely more on weight to provide heeling moment rather than aerodynamic downforce.

Greenbird land craft on Lake Lefroy

Greenbird just before setting the world record.

Windjet MK IV on Lake Lefroy - Summer 2007

Windjet MK IV on Lake Lefroy - Summer 2007

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