The Ecotricity Greenbird
is back for the big ice challenge!

After breaking the world land speed record in March the Greenbird team are back for more, this time on the frozen lakes of Montana. Not content being the worlds fastest naturally powered vehicle on land, the British team are chasing the accolade for an ice craft too!

The highest accurately (GPS) recorded speed for a wind-powered ice craft is 84 mph and the team are confident about their chances for a second world record.


What is The Greenbird?

Harnessing the power of the wind is what Ecotricity is all about! And now we're taking our love of wind to a new level, with the fastest wind powered vehicle on Earth!

The Greenbird will challenge all your preconceptions of wind powered travel - it's simply an amazing machine powered only by nature. And not just on land... on ice too.

It's part aeroplane, part sailboat, part Formula One car...

Press enquiries to - 01453 769318

A record-breaking team

The Greenbird Project is a partnership between Ecotricity and British engineer Richard Jenkins, to push the boundaries of wind technologies for zero carbon-emitted, wind-powered transportation.

The team is thrilled to have achieved the one world record on land – and is looking forward to achieving a second pioneering record on ice.

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